Bücher Verzeichnis
Köhler, F. & B. Klausnitzer (Hrsg.) (1998): Checklist of the beetles of Germany (Coleoptera). -  Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte (Dresden) Beiheft 4, 1-185.

In the years 1995 - 1997, a checklist of German beetles was compiled by 20 authors in cooperation with numerous coleopterologists. Seperate faunistic catalogues were pre pared for 18 regions and subsequently revised by approxi mately 100 specialists. The checklist is published both in print and in a database version.
In addition to a detailed description of the methods and procedure, the print version includes a comprehensive account of the current state of faunistic research, and a brief statistical analysis. On 119 printed pages, the catalogue of the beetles of Germany is presented separately for 18 regions; systematic and nomenclature are based on "Die Käfer Mitteleuropas" including all the supplements. The entries distinguish between records prior to 1900, records prior to 1950, recent records since 1950, doubtful and erroneous records, as well as records of introduced species. A total of 6,479 species of beetles have been reliably recorded from Germany; a further 379 species are introduced, doubtful or based on misidentifications. An appendix contains a complete list of all the synonyms referred to in "Die Käfer Mitteleuropas", and an index of genera and families.
In addition to the catalogue, which lists a total of 6,858 species, the database version provides a file with all the sources of the 76,639 entries of the checklist, a file con taining the literature and collection references (1,658 data sets), an updated taxonomic catalogue of the beetles of Central Europe (8,887 species), and a compilation database with all the systematic and taxonomic changes in "Die Käfer Mitteleuropas" (2,305 data sets).